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Scarlet Rhubarb & Oakmoss:

This is a truly charming and unique fragrance creation inspired by the original intention of the Chypre accord to combine intense freshness with lasting depth & richness (oakmoss). It is a daring, distinctly different perfume - with an olfactory twist, ...

Instead of the expected top note, it is the tart freshness of Rhubarb that heralds this perfume. The heart note also differs from a classical Chypre by presenting the flowers of Gardenia, nestled beautifully into the base of the typical Oakmoss note.

This unapologetically sumptuous fragrance is both sexy and unexpected with its free spirited duality:

  • the tart freshness of sun ripened Rhubarb, crisp Apples & Apricots is tempered by
  • the honeyed sweetness of ripe Strawberries and other dried fruits.

This duality is encircled in a warm heart of elegant white Gardenia.

"Why did you choose Rhubarb?" you may ask. Here is our inspiration for using it:

Francois Coty introduced the now famous perfume called "Chypre" in 1917 with Bergamot, Labdanum and Oakmoss. Ever since then, the word 'Chypre' has become synonymous with perfumes that have this wonderful duality of freshness and richness, that at their heart are rich, warm, earthy and resinous with a top that is green, citrussy and slightly bitter.

In perfumery, Rhubarb offers a wonderful green bouquet that is both tart and refreshing. For us this presents the opportunity to replace Bergamot with Rhubarb for a different green freshness that is very English, as Great Britain in one of the major producers of Rhubarb worldwide.

With this in mind, we created a fragrance that is inspired by mellow English autumnal days, moonlit nights but also warm, sun filled holidays.

This is a beautifully lasting perfume that is both indulgent and innocent, to create new and timeless memories.

A stunning fragrance in the best tradition of Chypre, but with the typically eccentric English twist.

Some may go as far as describing Eccentricity as a national, English pastime.

Who Would Have Ever Thought?!

Fragrance Description:

This bold floral Chypre fragrance opens with a blend of fresh tart Rhubarb, Sun-Dried Fruits, fresh Strawberry and hints of crisp Apple and Apricot.

This top note is wrapped around a heart of the timeless white flower of Gardenia.

The base of Oakmoss, sensuous Musks and Labdanum provides a rich, warm and lingering drydown.

Scarlet Rhubarb & Oakmoss - Eau de Parfum

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