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About Spiced Rum, Lime & Guaiac Wood:

This perfume is inspired by the seafaring explorers bringing Carribbean Rum back to London for its many Connoiseurs. Another exotic treasure these explorers would have brought back is Guaiac Wood, from the Palo Santo tree that comes from the area around the border between Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

This is the fragrance of choice for a true connoiseur, for somebody that knows how to enjoy the good things in life during its quieter moments!

The imagery this fragrance creates is of a Naval Officer or Pirate sipping a delicious spicy glass of Rum & Lime, whilst standing on deck on his departure from the Islands and inhaling the scent of the sun-bleached wooden planks of his ship.

As a perfume, "Spiced Rum, Lime & Guaiac Wood" brings together the rich and mellow notes of spicy Carribean Rum, the fresh & sparkling zest of Lime and the smoky, leathery and phenolic character of Guaiac Wood.

Are you dreaming of a life on the high seas, travelling to a remote Caribbean Island or exploring the Amazon? Is there still an explorer buried deep in your heart?

It conjures up the life of the intrepid explorer, sitting on a Carribean beach at Sunset or invokes the feeling of a returning traveller standing by a welcoming open fire with a glass of golden Rum in hand and friends by your side.

This is the fragrance that immediately radiates the character of a Connoiseur that is calm but intense when enjoying moments of intense pleasure.

Fragrance Description:

This intense masculine accord opens with a top note of aromatic Rum, a dash of Lime & Lemon and the radiant spicyness of Nutmeg and Pepper.

The heart is rich & sensual with Iris, Tuberose and Vintage Leather.

A wonderfully luxurious blend of Tonka, Benzoin, Amber, Vanilla Pods and Guaicwood completes this spirituous fragrance in the base.

Spiced Rum, Lime & Guaiac Wood - Eau de Parfum

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